Style-ID Colour Styling

Let’s identify your Style-ID colour code.

First we’ll discover which season’s colours harmonize with your skin, eyes and hair tone. Style-ID will identify your personal best colours which give you a radiant glow, light up your face and make your eyes sparkle. We don’t exclude colours. We’re just looking for the right tones.

You will leave the office with a complete Style-ID colour palette that makes you look fabulous. This revelation will be the start of deep confidence. That will also get you compliments.

Timing: 01u.30′
Pricing: 150€, taxes included

Are you curious to know your colour code?

Style-ID ensures:

  • you will know your best colours which make you glow.
  • a wider choice and more specific colour combinations to make shopping easy, to save time and money.
  • you will feel the impact of colour styling instantly.